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Locate a Local State Farm Agent – Phone Numbers

A toll free phone number to locate a local State Farm Agent for an insurance quote is 888-559-6905.

Toll Free 1800 State Farm Insurance Phone Number

Simply touch the red graphic to be connected with the toll free State Farm phone number of 888-559-6905 for a free rate quote.

How to Find a Local State Farm Agent for a Quote

Friendly Reminder: Please don’t use your mobile device and/or text while driving.

1. Use your smartphone’s mobile touch app by simply touching the State Farm graphic above to connect with State Farm. Listen to the prompts. If asked to enter your zip code, do so and you will be connected with a licensed State Farm Agent in your local Area. You can also tap the number highlighted above to connect to the toll free telephone number for State Farm.

2. Below you will find an interactive map of North America. Simply click on this and navigate using the side bar tools and your mousepad (on a standard desktop or laptop) or finger (on a mobile smartphone) to find a local State Farm Agent in your area. Locations will appear as red dots. Click on these to reveal location details and contact information. Most challenging method, as this requires basic knowledge of geography, but is a somewhat entertaining way to locate a local State Farm Agent.

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3. Visit http://www.statefarm.com/agent/. This webpage is well made and operated by State Farm and functions nicely.